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Quick packing for transport of paint

Hildering Paint Transport Trays
Individual packaging for 0,5L - 0,75L - 1L - 2,5L - One gallon (3,78L) - 5L of paint
Hildering Paint Transport Trays
Hildering Paint Transport Trays

Ideal for online sales

  • Suitable for different sizes of paint cans: 0,5L, 0,75L and 1L*.
  • 2,5L (gallons) and 5L soon to arrive.

* UK style cans 1 L might differ.

Faster packing and unpacking

  • Trays can be easily fixed to a paint can.
  • The carton box is a precise fit , no additional packing material required.

Hildering Paint Transport Trays


  • The lid will be hold firmly by the construction of the tray.
  • Because the outer box fits exactly, the strength of the box is utilised in combination with the tray.

Hildering Paint Transport Trays

Added value for the customer

  • When receiving the paint can, leave bottom tray on after opening the can and use as a drip tray.

Hildering Paint Transport Trays Hildering Paint Transport Trays



The paint transport trays and packaging as offered by Hildering Packaging BV and Go!Paint BV, both residing at Zandvoortstraat 69 in IJmuiden, NL, are developed for quick packing of paint cans for transport. They are meant to provide protection to the contents in the event of a (limited) drop or shake or shock during the shipment.

There are endless variations of tin can packaging on the market, with different qualities and dimensions. Therefore it is important to choose the best tin can packaging and test if these packaging fit the trays and are suitable for use with the trays and packaging during transport.

Also it is important to cut and fold the edges of the cardboard packaging to the right height if the height of the paint can with trays on top and bottom is lower than the cardboard box. There should be no empty space between the trays and the cardboard box.

As it is impossible to know what happens with a package when it is shipped, Hildering Packaging BV nor Go!Paint BV cannot be held responsible for any failure of the cans, the trays and/or the packaging during transport and use after transport.

Hildering Packaging BV has performed tests with a combination of filled cans, trays and packaging that proved that a drop from a height of 1 meter did no significant damage to these types of paint cans nor to the contents. However one must always take in account that a package can be dropped multiple times and/or land on a more harmful surface than a flat one.

So yes, the carefully selected complete system of cans, trays and packaging will protect paint better than a cardboard box filled with flakes or bubble wrap during transport, but we cannot guarantee that it will arrive without any damage or leaks. Nor will we accept any liability for damage, either to the paint, to the paint can, to the trays, to the packaging or to the environment and the users during the entire process of transport and use, from the preparation of the shipment to the unpacking and the further use of any of the parts and its contents and its disposal.

The sender should always check local regulations for shipping paint and is fully and solely responsible for following the regulations and placing any identification and or warnings on the packaging that is necessary.

Paint Transport Trays