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Protact coating
Protact® coating

Extensive legislation means more and more water based products are developed. This puts new demands on tin can packaging. From this perspective Protact® has been developed for extra protection of your tinplate­ packaging. Protact® is a polymer layer which is extremely flexible and is applied in three thin layers to both sides of the tinplate packaging.

Protact® is applied to the most vulnerable parts (because they were shaped under very high pressure) of the tinplate packaging: the ring, the lid and the bottom. When a ring and bottom are protected by Protact®, no oxidation will occur on the ring and the outside of the tinplate packaging. in addition to this, one type of lid can be used for several filling products. Keeping coated and blank lids in stock for one size, is a thing of the past.

Advantages of a container protected by Protact®:

  • Optimum closure (against dust, damp, air and light)
  • Best protection against oxidation inside and outside
  • Resistant for many filling products (including Solvents)
  • Durable quality of your product on the shelf
  • 1 type of lid for 1 size
  • Best protection against possible scratches (stirring lid in tinplate packaging)


Protact® is now available for cylindrical paint tins in the following sizes in which the ring, the lid and the bottom are protected:

125 ml 60 x 62 mm RL
250 ml 73 x 76 mm RL
500 ml 99 x 90 mm RL and TT
750 ml 99 x 119 mm RL and TT
1 L 108 x 132 mm RL and TT
2,5 L 165 x 157 mm TT
3,78 L 165 x 195 mm TT
4 L 165 x 205 mm TT

The bottoms for conical tinplate packaging and rectangular tinplate packaging are in preparation.

Protact® allows you to combine the characteristics of plastic and tinplate to create an optimal container, which is ready for the future.

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