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Duo component tin can packaging

Duo component tin can packaging have been developed to pack and carry two (or more) different components at the same time.

The 2-component filling goods will be mixed by the customer and have to be available in the correct proportion at the same time. When packaging are being sent separately it is possible that the customer can not get started and this is highly undesirable.

Unique assortment

Traditionally the standard duo component tin can packaging begin at 5 litres measures of capacity (A-component). This is why we developed the Hildering 2-Component intermediate locking ring, this locks conventional tin can packaging from 250 ml together. This enables us to offer duo component tin can packaging from 250 ml up to 24 litres. We herewith compile an unparalleled assortment with several choices.

Two systems

There are in fact 2 options for packaging and sending filling goods. The two components will be either linked together through a (metal or plastic) locking ring or the hardener part of the packaging will be used as a lid (integrated system).


Traditionally duo component packaging are used by the building- or chemical industry, but increasingly in the paint and lacquer industry.

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Rust prevention

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