Hildering Go!Paint

Innovation in decoration





We at Go!Paint develop and market painting tools for the professional painter.
All our products have to meet our high exacting standards:

  1. Time saving for the professional painter
  2. Beneficial for the environment
  3. Beneficial for the painter

Our starting point for developing a product, is that it should not be available in the market place and that it will help solve painting problems.
As a result we carry a well-balanced and unique mix of painting tools, which are intellectually protected.

We invest a lot of time in research, development, evaluating, testing and (re) testing.
We listen to the marketplace every day, most of the products are a direct result of the input of professional painters.
Our co-operation with professional painters and technicians and trainers of global and renowned paint brands is for us the biggest asset. Via this very close  co-operation we are in a position to receive the right input and to make our products GOOD.

Go!Paint is a brand of the Hildering Group and is a Dutch based company, founded in 1958 and most of our products are produced in the Netherlands.

Go!Paint painters tools and brushcare ≡ Hildering Go!Paint