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The effective and sustainable cleaner for use with synthetic paintbrushes

Go!Paint Brush Cleaner
Go!Paint Brush Cleaner

Extensive tests have shown that Brush Cleaner when used in combination with Clean and Go is the efficient and fast system for cleaning your synthetic paint brushes. Brush Cleaner works on both (newest formulations of) acrylic and alkyd paints.

Brush Cleaner and Acrylic paints

When working with waterbased paints, it is evident that working with the Brush Cleaner gives a more comprehensive and effective cleaning solution than using water. Especially with the newest formulations of fast drying acrylic paints, the deep cleaning is a great advantage over any traditional way of cleaning.
Another great advantage is that Brush Cleaner does not smell, contrary to using water that, after some period of time will start to give off an odour. Plus Brush Cleaner is non flammable is better for the environment, and for yourself. When cleaning out waterbased paint, dilute the Brush Cleaner with water.

Brush Cleaner and solventbased paints

Go!Paint Brushcleaner
Brush Cleaner & Clean and Go

Brush Cleaner is the sustainable alternative for thorough cleaning of brushes when compared to using white spirit.
From a cost perspective Brush Cleaner is the cost-effective alternative. As a comparison: cleaning with white spirit can only be done once, but with Brush Cleaner you can clean up to 7 times.
When cleaning out solventbased paints, use the Brush Cleaner undiluted.

Cleaning of spraying equipment

Some painting contractors have put the spray tips from their spray machines on the grid of the Clean and Go & covered with Brush Cleaner. The spray tips were cleaned perfectly! (Waterbased paints).

Brush Cleaner and Clean and Go

Go!Paint Brush Cleaner
Voor watergedragen of oplosmiddelhoudende verven

Go!Paint Brush Cleaner
Cleaning brushes with Brush Cleaner & Clean and Go

When you want to clean your brushes quickly, move your brush over the elevated grid of the Clean and Go, filled with Brush Cleaner, thus removing the denser paint particles from the brush head.
It is also possible to leave your brushes overnight in the Clean and Go, as the Clean and Go comes with a lid, ensure that the brush stock is immersed in the brush cleaner. The lid will cover the kettle against dust and will prevent spillage if tipped over in the rear of a vehicle.
After one hour or overnight storage, your brushes will be cleaned even more deeply, as the unique formula will remove the paint particles from the brush head.

After cleaning or overnight storage

Thoroughly shake any excess cleaner from brush, quickly rinse under a tap (no pollution), clean with a cloth and you are ready to paint.

Brush Cleaner