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Hildering Flow-Control

Of all our products Flowcontrol has the most direct impact on your paint job. The viscocity of paint determines the quality of the paint finish. If the paint is applied to thickly, this will lead to wrinkling, sagging of paint and crazing of paint film.Excessively thinned or diluted paint will lead to poor gloss levels, reduced film thickness & poor opacity, equals minimised protection.

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Unthinned yet perfect flow of paint

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Flowcontrol will allow you to apply paint unthinned, even if the paint is viscouse and thick in your orignal paint can, as when the paint is heated up in the Flowcontrol, it will flow better and be easier to apply. Ultimately you will apply the paint exactly as envisaged by the paint manufacturer.

How does Flowcontrol work?

Flowcontrol is a paint kettle operating on the principle of au bain-marie, keeping hot water warm in the outer container and keeping the paint at an optimum temperature in the inner kettle. The temperature of the paint can easily be set to between 15 - 30⁰C thus enabling you to adjust the paintflow to the type of paint used. The rechargable battery lasts for up to 6 - 8 hours, dependent upon the ambient temperature, wind and amount of paint in the kettle. By choosing light weight materials and a special handle Flowcontrol will not feel much heavier than a normal paintkettle.

Hildering FlowControl

How to use Flowcontrol?

The heated paint kettle can be used indoors and outdoors. Not only in the cold winter months, but also in autumn, spring and the early cool hours during summertime. Effectively, you can use the Flowcontrol every time you feel the need to thin paint, because the paint flow is not suitable for application. Especially good used with solventbased paints (alkyd paints and lacquers), but also waterborne paintsystems (acrylic paints and lacquers) and linseed oil based paints will gain application & performance from the heated functionality of the Flowcontrol. Perfect for working on maintenance and renovation of houses, cold new building projects and all other paint jobs where a good flow is required.


Martin Guest, Master Decorator at M.J. Guest Ltd:
"It's a fabulous product - transforms how you work. Simple and brilliant!!! Works a dream in Otex, product of the year IMO."

Wayne de Wet, multiple award winning decorator, more…:
"This is an incredible bit of kit, really changes the way we work. I find FlowControl the painters product of the decade, even century! I am so happy to not have to thin paint any more… Which all painters do."

Chris Twaites
"I bought the FlowControl this week, I used it when applying Sikkens white gloss, the difference when the paint has been warmed up really makes it so easy to put on and faster. I recommend buying this product. I used the same paint a couple of days before without the FlowControl, the paint was cold and it was hard work, when I was painting panel doors inside. Very good product!"

Marinus Mensink, application specialist Akzo Nobel Sikkens:
"Also in autum and winter the quality of the paintfinish is secured. Thinning is a thing of the past"

Sander Aarts, Moonen Maintenance and Renovating:
"Because of the Flowcontrol I can work faster, as the paint flows better and is easier to apply. Obtaining perfect film thickness. This paintkettle is a good investment for quality and generates a good return on investment as material usage is lower compared to working without Flowcontrol."

Wouter van Lunteren, Van Lunteren Painting and Spraying:
"Flowcontrol helps me to apply paint on location, with exactly the same productspecs as tested and developed in the laboratory of the paint producer. The paint is easier to put on, has a better flow, cuts in better and dries much better. My guess is that I will work 30% faster on a good day. So, return on investment is very quick."

Wim Finke, Kwaliteit Paintersgroup:
"With this product I apply the right filmthickness. It does not wrinkle, the flow is perfect."

Roelof Ham, Klussenbedrijf R Ham:
"I was applying High Gloss outdoors at 3 - 4⁰C. Works perfectly. Paint is very supple. Beautiful result and without paint bloom."

Will Herreijgers, Herreijgers Painters Monument restauration and Mousselineglas:
"Today I used the Go!Paint heaed paint kettle for the first time. After first usage I ordered another Flowcontrol. What a great way of painting! Without thinning the paint I have the good viscosity even when it is cold or it is windy, as it is today. No gloss or colour loss by diluting the paint with thinners. So, even when the weather is poor, I can achieve a beautifull and full paintfinish."
Two weeks after this first review:
"In the meantime we have worked with 2 Flowcontrols and the results are astonishing. :Last week I coated a frontdoor with unthinned, but heated paint, a very good result, perfect flow and a beautiful full super high gloss finish. As well by presenting the Flowcontrol to our customers and explaining the function and advantages, whatever the weather, we have been able to gain new painting projects."


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