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The heavy duty paintscuttle with liner system

Hildering Roll and Go XL

By its design, Roll and Go is strong, with disposable liners and two compartments. The large compartment has a built in grid for working with up to 25cm/10” rollers for quick and easy loading & application of paint. The rear compartment will hold your brushes, rollers and tools, everything you need for the paint job. Very user friendly, everything you need for painting in one hand either you work on a scaffolding or a ladder.

For painting floors, walls and ceilings

Hildering Roll and Go XL
Go!Paint Roll and Go XL

Stability is an important feature of the Roll and Go XL. So, when placing the paint bucket on the floor and working with an extension pole, it will not move around or tip over, not even , when placing your roller and extension pole into the rear compartment. Ideal for painting large surfaces, walls and ceilings.

Roll and Go XL is also very useful when lacquering floors, as the sturdy scuttle sits firmly on the floor. The liner system comes in very useful,when working with a two component floor lacquering product, once dried up, dispose of the liner. The scuttle can be used over and over again. Another built in handy feature is a pouring lip, this enables you to pour out your lacquer over the floor. Take a break? No problem, place your roller and extension pole into the rear compartment and the Roll and Go will not tip over. It is the most versatile paint scuttle!

How to use?

Place the Roll and Go XL on a flat level surface, or hang on the ladder or place your hand underneath. The large compartment holds up to 9 litres of paint. To work comfortably, we recommend to fill with up to 5 litres. The small compartment can hold up to 4 litres of paint, i.e. when working with multiple colours, do not fill up completely.

Disposable liner system

Hildering Roll and Go XL
Go!Paint Roll and Go XL

The strong Roll and Go bucket is designed to last, the liners can be replaced for quick colour changes. The liners are available in a 5pc pack.
The liners are made of thin, durable plastic foil and can be folded together very efficiently after usage for disposal. Please dispose of as advised by the paint manufacturer. The liner system reduces waste considerably. Cleaning up can be done very quickly enabling you to minimise costs. Excess paint leftover? Our pouring feature will help you to pour back the paint into your paint can.

Painting has never been so easy

Hildering Roll and Go XL
Go!Paint Roll and Go XL

Roll and Go XL has an inbuilt roller grid, so no need for separate rollergrids, or rollertrays which are always in danger of being knocked over. Disposing of the rollergrids means no more risk of dried paint particles falling into fresh paint.

As a fnishing touch, we have developed a feature which you will recognize when you lift the scuttle with its handle. When lifting the scuttle,the handle will automatically lock tight, thus preventing the paintbucket from swinging whilst moving around. The Roll and Go XL has been designed with the needs of the professional painter and decorator foremost.

Roll and Go XL is also available in a smaller version, the design is the same, with 2 compartments, one for the paint/lacquer and the smaller for your miniroller or brush.

Hildering Roll and Go XL
The liners can be folded into a neat package for easy disposal.
Hildering Roll and Go XL

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