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For quick and deep cleaning of roller sleeves

Roller Cleaner

Clean your roller sleeves in about 30 seconds and remove all waterbased wall paints effectively. It is a quick alternative for traditional roller cleaning methods and reduces water usage. Prevents unnecessary disposing of rollers.

Roller Cleaner: for quick and deep cleaning of roller sleeves

  • Scrape off most paint from the roller straight back into the paint can or tray
  • Insert the roller into the Roller Cleaner
  • Lock the roller frame into the notch
  • Connect the hose to the snap-on connector
  • Turn on the water supply and clean the roller sleeve in about 30 seconds
  • Turn off the water supply and unlock the roller frame
  • Turn on the water supply briefly to force out the roller from the Roller Cleaner
How Roller Cleaner works
  1. Scrape off most paint
  2. Insert roller into Roller Cleaner
  3. Connect the hose
  4. Force out the roller

Go!Paint Roller Cleaner:

  • Saving you time: deeply clean roller sleeves in about 30 seconds
  • Saving you money: extend the life of paint rollers significantly
  • Saving the environment: use less water and dispose responsibly

Tip: to dry roller sleeves use a roller spinner.

Dispose of waste water responsibly

  • Access to safe and clean drinking water is a scarce and precious privilege, avoid paint entering the watercourse
  • Either dispose as chemical waste or separate paint particles from water and recycle


  • Some rollers are better cleaned than others, repeat cleaning procedure until satisfied
  • Some roller fabrics remain colored permanently, even after thorough cleaning in the roller cleaner


Richard Willot, Master Decorator and owner of FX Decor:
"Superb bit of kit. Timesaver!"


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Eco friendly paint tool

Eco friendly paint tool
Eco friendly
paint tool
Roller Cleaner