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Stop wasting brushes. Keep brushes fresh in Store and Go brush gel

Brushcare falls into cleaning and storage of brushes and this has been done by painters for decades. However the formulation of paints has changed recently due to increased legislation. Thus the traditional way of cleaning and storing brushes has also had to evolve. Especially the new type of paint systems have caused problems, as these dry out very quickly in the bristle (waterbased!).
As an answer to this, we have developed a technical brush gel to store brushes for weeks, months or even longer. The gel envelopes the bristle, thus stopping the exchange with air and stopping the drying process.
Amongst other advantages the Store and Go gel is environmental friendly and not harmful to the paintfinish and the painter.

Hildering Store and Go

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Neil Callender, Master Decorator at Neil Callender Hand Painted Kitchen & Furniture Specialist:
"Like & use it every day, I only clean brushes at the end of the job."
Read the complete review of Store and Go by Neil Callender.

Store and Go - brush gel for paint brushes ≡ Hildering Go!Paint