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Instant storage of paint brushes in brush gel, for days, weeks and even months. For use with all types of decorative paints and brushes.*

Hildering Store and Go XL
Hildering Store and Go XL

Hildering Store and Go


  1. Store and Go XL pail
  2. Gel containers (2x)
  3. Brush clips (8x)
  4. Lid, seat and closure (latch ring)
  5. Gel refils (2x)


Hildering Store and Go XL
  1. Empty 1 refill pack into 1 gel container (2x)
  2. Keep empty refill pack as spare pot
  3. Place the brush clips
  4. Connect the gel containers and place them in the pail
  5. Place a divider (if required) to create separate compartments


Hildering Store and Go
  1. Before storage: deeply clean the paint brushes in the Clean and Go system by firmly flexing the bristle over the grid to keep the gel and the brush fresh
  2. Place the brush in the gel and fix the brush handle in a brush clip
  3. Ensure all bristle is covered with gel. Add gel from refill as required
  4. Close the pail with the latch ring
  5. To continue painting remove all gel from the brush into the spare pot and thoroughly clean the brush with a cloth
  6. Keep the pail closed and use the seat and handle. Do not use as a step.

Storage and disposal

  1. Keep closed and in a cool, dry and frost-free place
  2. As tested, the gel stays fresh for approx. one year in an airtight container
  3. When full, close the spare pot and dispose of it responsibly through your local waste facilities
  4. Store and Go gel is water based and made from natural and renewable resources only. It is eco friendly and needs no labeling with any GHS hazard pictograms

Store and Go system keeps all brushes in perfect condition

  • For use with all water and solvent based paints and all types of paint brushes.*
  • Put the brush directly into the gel.
  • Ensure all bristle is covered with gel.
  • The brush gel seals the brush.
  • Store for days, weeks and even months.
  • For immediate re-use, remove gel by wiping off on rim of spare pot and clean with a cloth.

We recommend cleaning the brush in a Clean and Go system before storage enjoy clean gel for a longer time.

* Excluding moisture cured and 2K paint systems

Store and Go XL FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Can I use Store and Go with all types of paint brushes?
Yes you can. The system is suitable for all types of paint brushes, except for brushes used with very specific paint systems as moisture cured and two component paint systems and paints with an exceptional low pH value < 6.
Can I place water based / alkyd paint brushes in the same Store and Go pot with solvent based / acrylic paint brushes?
Yes you can. The gel will enclose the bristle and isolate it. If you use both types of paint brushes frequently you may want to consider using two Store and Go’s, one for water based (alkyd) paint brushes and one for solvent based (acrylic) paint brushes.
Can I place paint brushes that were used with light colors in the same storage pot with paint brushes that were used with dark colors?
Yes you can, the gel will keep paint residue from coming off the bristle. However, don’t move the brushes around in the gel too much. Cleaning the brushes before storage helps to keep the gel and brushes clean.
Is it necessary to remove any gel from the bristle before painting with the brush?
We recommend that you remove all gel from the bristle. In our laboratory tests we found no negative effects when small traces of gel were still present in the brush, however we cannot rule out that there might be negative effects to the paint job.
Is it necessary to clean out my brushes before storing them in a Store and Go?
No, it is not necessary. However the gel stays clean for a longer period if you do. Also you may find your brushes stay in even better condition when you regularly clean them in a Clean and Go system. If you are using very fluid materials (like stains) it is wise to force the majority of contents out of the bristle using a cloth or by spinning the brush briefly before placing it in the gel.
How high must the level of gel be in the Store and Go?
Put enough gel into the storage can to make sure you are able to submerge the entire length of the bristle hairs in the gel when the brushes stand in the gel or are fixed in the brush clips. Coming soon: The Store and Go XL containers have a level indicator, showing the preferred minimum and maximum levels of gel. Make sure to add gel when the level drops under MIN
Do I need to put a lid on the storage can?
No, it is not necessary to put a lid on the storage can as the gel hardly vaporizes at all. However using a lid also prevents any dust falling into the gel, so we recommend using a plastic container/inliner as a lid.
Do I need to use the brush clips to hold the brushes?
No, you can also simply place the brushes in the gel, however it is easier to adjust the height and prevent brushes from falling over when you do use the brush clips. We recommend you place the entire length of the bristle hairs into the gel, especially for longer storage.
Is the gel a natural product?
Yes, the gel is a natural product. It is both bio based and bio degradable. Evidently, once mixed with paint residues it is no longer so.
Is the gel harmful for me?
No it is not, all ingredients are non-toxic. However we strongly recommend not to digest any of it. Once mixed with paint residues it may be harmful. Always comply to common health and labour standards, so wash hands after using gel. Immediately flush the eyes with plenty of water after a possible contamination with gel.
When do I need to add gel to system?
When the gel cannot cover the entire length of the bristle hairs we suggest adding new gel.
How often do I need to change the gel?
We recommend changing the gel with new gel when the gel is contaminated with paints and other residues to the extent that the normal functioning of the gel is limited or when the volume is too low to cover the bristle or when the gel has become too viscous. For disposal of mixed gel, see instructions.
At what temperatures can the gel be used best?
We suggest using the gel at the same temperature range as suggested for the selected paints.
What happens if the gel freezes?
When the gel is frozen, you can bring it back to a normal temperature and start using it. If there are also paint particles inside the frozen gel, and the brushes that are stored in it, they may influence the effects of frost. Water based paints can show negative effects after freezing, solvent based paints only show problems after freezing at temperatures lower than -5 °C
Can I use normal types of (hair) gel?
No you should not use any types of commercially available gels other than Store and Go gel. Store and Go gel was specifically developed to nurture and conserve the bristles of paint brushes.
How can I best store large amounts of paint brushes for a longer period?
We also offer a Store and Go XL version. This is a large can with seat that holds two large containers that come with 4 double brush clips each, offering clip positions for 8 paint brushes and space for approximately 4 more. Store and Go can store up to 16-24 paint brushes. You will get the best results when the brushes are properly cleansed in a Clean and Go system before storage.
Why are the containers of Store and Go XL made in two colors (blue and grey)?
This makes it easier to assign a specific type of brush to one container and it makes it easier for you to recognize the specific use you assigned to the container. For example the blue one could be used for storing water based / acrylic paint brushes and the grey one for solvent based / alkyd paint brushes. Or the blue one for dark colors and the grey one for lighter colors.
I see the gel changing colour over time. What does this mean?
As the gel is a natural product it may change colours after being exposed to daylight. The gel may have a yellowish look. This is a natural process and has no negative effects on the quality and performance of the gel.
The gel has become fluid. What should I do?
In case the gel has turned to fluid, you can open the Store and Go system and leave it open for a while letting the fluids evaporate. If this measure turns out to be insufficient you can scoop off the fluids from the gel and dispose of them in the spare pot and replenish with fresh gel to the desired level. If the gel is totally fluid like water, replace with fresh gel.
What caused the gel to become fluid?
Some specific low viscous paints and stains (fluid like water) can cause the gel to become more fluid. This is caused by the high viscous gel ‘pushing’ the low viscous content out of the paint brush. When using these types of materials, we recommend pushing the content out of the bristle with a cloth or spinning the brush before storage. Also when cleaning with water, white spirit or other brush cleaning fluids before storage make sure not to take too much of the fluids with the brush into the gel.


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Eco friendly paint tool

Eco friendly paint tool
Eco friendly
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